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Pandolfe's Auto Parts, Inc. 860-347-3343

The BEST prices on Walker Bay boats and kits!


A fun, practical boat that is lightweight, easy to handle, expertly engineered
and requires no maintenance other than simple cleaning.
With a virtually indestructible HIMC hull, Walker Bay boats are perfect for boating with family,
a day of fishing or loading up as a tender. 

Walker Bay 8' Dinghy $574.99

Walker Bay 8' Tube Kit
$639.99 ($614.99 with 8' dinghy purchase)

Walker Bay 8' Performance Sail Kit
$794.99 ($774.99 with 8' dinghy purchase)

Walker Bay Rowing Kit 6'5" Oars & Oarlocks $169.99 ($159.99 with 8' dinghy purchase)

Walker Bay 8' Boat Cover $149.99 ($134.99 with 8' dinghy purchase)

Walker Bay 8' RID Custom Fit Cover $189.99 ($169.99 with 8' dinghy purchase)


Walker Bay 10' Dinghy $924.99

Walker Bay 10' Tube Kit $714.99 ($689.99 with 10' dinghy purchase) 

Walker Bay 10' Performance Sail Kit $949.99 ($929.99 with 10' dinghy purchase)

Walker Bay Rowing Kit 6'5" Oars & Oarlocks $169.99 ($159.99 with 10' dinghy purchase)

Walker Bay 10' Boat Cover $169.99 ($154.99 with 10' dinghy purchase)

  Walker Bay 10' RID Custom fit cover $209.99 ($189.99 with 10 dinghy and tube kit purchase)


 NEW: ODYSSEY 270 Air Floor Roll-Up $1,249.99

  The Easiest Choice for a Stowable Tender


(above prices are CASH PRICES! While supplies last, sorry no rainchecks)

Walker Bay 8
8' Walker Bay

ODYSSEY 270 Air Floor Roll-Up

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